Sarah McCahon Dyslexia Services

Highly qualified and very experienced special needs consultant offering:

For those under aged 7 - 15:

  • Full diagnostic dyslexia assessments (face-to-face)  and optional FREE 'Meet Sarah' Zoom sessions the week before the assessment

  • Advice about further assessments that could be pursued, such as ADHD, autism, speech and language and dyspraxia which may arise from dyslexia assessments

  • For schools, remotely-delivered exam access arrangements for GCSEs/A' levels

For those aged 16+:

  • Full diagnostic assessments for dyslexia and dyspraxia (face-to-face) and optional FREE 'Meet Sarah' Zoom sessions beforehand 

  • Identification of ADHD symptoms as a specific learning difficulty (face-to-face)

  • NEW Online 'evaluation of need' assessments for the Disabled Student's Allowance at university (remote)  

  • For schools and colleges, remotely-delivered exam access arrangements where students cannot be assessed face-to-face

Re: Coronavirus update 10.10.20

Please see the COVID measures page that explains what I've put in place. I'm currently working only from my home in Crawley Down but this page will be updated when home visits throughout Surrey, Sussex, Kent and beyond can be offered again.

Next available appointments for full diagnostic assessments are at the beginning of December.

Online 'evaluation of need' assessments can be booked sooner than this.


56 Tiltwood Drive, Crawley Down, West Sussex, RH10 4DN                         

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01342 714065       

Contact hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm